Kate middleton

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Kate Middleton thin, the pounds lost by the fault of Meghan truman gates? (Photo)

And’ under the eyes of all that Kate Middleton is thin, perhaps it has never been so lean (photos). Possible that Meghan truman gates make so difficult the life of Kate Middleton from her stressed to the point to make them lose weight? The wife of William of England has always been in great shape, has...


Kate Middleton pregnant less than a year from the birth of Louis, the detail that impresses (Photos)

Possible that Kate Middleton is pregnant with fourth child? After the birth of George, Charlotte and Louis the wife of prince William of England may give birth to another heir, the fourth royal baby (photos). I am almost sure the fans of the dukes of Cambridge, but if there is no shadow of tummy or ad...

Kate Middleton and Meghan truman gates together at Christmas, the other that of the enemy, smiling and happy (PHOTO)

In regard to the alleged quarrel between Kate Middleton and Meghan truman gates we have really heard so much. A bit’ all over the world from when Meghan is part of the royal family you tell stories about what you would do with the employees, on the quarrel with the relatives of Harry. In short, Meghan...