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Kate Middleton in hospital: the third son is about to be born. As it will be called the son of William and Kate?

The United Kingdom stops: all waiting for the birth of the son of prince William and Kate middleton, you might be on the 23rd of April 2018, the day of the birth of the Royal Baby. According to the british media, a few minutes ago Kate would have been admitted in the hospital. In the past few weeks it...


Scandal for the royals of England: a member of the family accused of rape a few days before the wedding Harry and Meghan

The Royals of England are hit by yet another scandal and this time it is an accusation of rape on a minor, just a few days of the marriage – long-awaited – for Meghan and Harry. The royals of England have always had to suffer every kind of scandal in one head high and the crown on the head well placed,...

William and Kate Middleton welcome with sweetness Meghan truman gates in the first public event in four (Photos)

Lady Diana would be very proud of her children, not only because finally Harry found Meghan truman gates his soul mate but above all for the bond that Williame Kate Middleton have managed to establish in public and in private with the sister-in-law. Taken Harry of England, will marry Meghan truman gates,...