Kate and william

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The frosty greeting between Harry and William, Kate seems to not respond while Meghan smiles (Photos)

Just a “hello” between Harry and William and Kate Middleton has not responded to the greeting, is what you can see from the pictures in the Abbey of Westminster before the start of the celebrations of Commonwealth Day (photo). The protocol did not include some kisses and hugs but coldness in the family...

William and Kate Middleton romantic in Dublin, never seen so cute together (Photos)

They are still in Ireland, prince William and Kate Middleton, and between a commitment and the other of this royal tour, they also found time for a little break of a couple (photos). Three intense days for the various visits official Dublin but nothing so difficult or, at least, the duchess of Cambridge...


Meghan and Harry vs Kate and William: the two couples are ignorant of the Remembrance day, is it really war?

When we talk about the royal family, you know, if I heard cooked and raw, also due to the fury that many of the british media against the Royal Family. Understand then what the balance in the family is not simple, and it is for this reason that one often speaks of the discontent. Yesterday, for example,...