Kaley Cuoco

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Family photos for Kaley Cuoco

Photo: @ Instagram/ Kaley CuocoFamily photos for Kaley Cuoco and her hubby Norman Cook.The couple, a lover of animals, has filled his home of dogs, cats and rabbits, and a very sweet puppy that the star of “the Bing Bang Theory” tightens between the arms is one of the newcomers.“Here's a couple of passes...

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook are always more and more in love

Photo: @ Instagram/ Kaley CuocoSelfie of the pair for Kaley Cuoco and her hubby Karl Cook, who a week ago they celebrated their fourth mesiversario of marriage.To unite the two lovebirds not only love for horses but also that of the comic verve that seems to never forsake them never. A proof of this...

Kaley Cuoco has adopted two rabbits

Photo: @ Instagram/ Kaley CuocoA little more than a month from the wedding, with Karl Cook, Kaley Cuoco is expanding the family by introducing two new bunnies.The star of “the Big Bang Theory” has presented its two new four-legged friends on Instagram and he did it by sharing a shot that shows them in...