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Simona Ventura and Giovanni Terzi, at the Italian Stories, the ring as a token of their love and the wedding so you want to (Photos)

For the first time Simona Ventura and John Third-party (photos) guests with Italian Stories, after the presentation of the book of the conductive Code “Ventura”. Eleonora Daniele could not miss the opportunity of interviewing the couple of the moment to talk about a love story exploded, started and ready...

Simona Ventura and John the Third to True, the journalist confesses: “I saved your life”

There is no talk of another in the last period in the world of news the rose: the wedding of Simona Ventura and Giovanni Terzi. You are married, will they do it? In the last few days have been circulating photos of a special trip to John Third and of the speaker in a place warm, an island of love. A...