Jeremias rodriguez

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Also, Jeremias Rodriguez in the war between Belen and Giulia de Lellis, always that war is

The gossip goes crazy and everyone is trying to discover who had Giulia de Lellis in the vent of a week ago on social. Many believe that the words of the beautiful bride-Andrea Iannone were sent to Belen Rodriguez. There are those who think that Giulia has with Belen for reasons related to matters of...


Jeremias Rodriguez: "True" speaks of the case Sheets, and discuss the attitude of Fabrizio Corona

After leaving the Island of the famous 2019, Jeremias Rodriguez will be the guest of "True" in the episode aired on the 16th of march 2019. In the living room of Silvia University will speak about his experience in Honduras, but also of the “case” of this edition. If last year was the cannagate, in this...

Soleil Is and Jeremias Rodriguez explodes the passion in the Island of the famous, and the photos become hot

Apparently, Jeremias Rodriguez before leaving, according to Rogert Garth, would have made a bet with his friends: that do dirty things on the Island of the famous. It has been revealed in the model in the studio in the Afternoon Five saying also that Jeremias would like this record. Too bad the oscar,...