Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer and Alex, selfie, social

Photo: @ Instagram/ Jennifer LopezLook here who revises, one of the hottest couples of the moment! Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguex continue to live their story in the spotlight and on the social we do not save selfie love. There is an example of what you see above, posted on Instagram by Jennifer Lopez,...


JLo is a nerd on his private jet

Photo: @ Instagram/ Jennifer LopezIf your name is Jennifer Lopez you know you can be sexy in any circumstance.At the weekend, the singer latina is taking a selfie while he was trying to deceive the waiting to board his private jet and it is shown to the fans with a pair of glasses to view the giants.Lipstick...

Jennifer Lopez posing hot on Instagram

Photo: @ Instagram/ Jennifer LopezBelen Rodriguez before her, Jennifer Lopez must have studied properly the best way her fans to know that you have not worn the panties.At 47 years old, the star of Latin america is a real sex bomb, and never ceases to fascinate those who follow with you will find more...