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Elena Santarelli (from Chiambretti: ‘James is doing the chemo in the day hospital but...’

Elena Santarelli, super mother courage, the struggle against the disease and of the son, James,from Chiambretti has told of his battle, Unfortunately the battle of Elena Santarelli is not yet over. Guest of Chiambretti, The Republic of Women, the showgirl has told of her battle against the disease and...

Interview with Elena Santarelli, telling the dramatic story of the cancer of the son: “During the chemo I picked up his hats on the pillow...”

Tells you open-heart Elena Santarelli. Know of matthias's son was a hard blow for the whole family and tells the fans without shame. Here's what he wrote on the social Elena The beautiful Elena Santarelli has decided to make a note of the situation in the health of her son James when he understood that...