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The functions of iOS, 13 already present on... Cydia

iOS 13, and iPadOS bring lots of news and new features on the iPhone and iPad. Some of these, however, were already present a long time on Cydia and the like for users who have performed the Jailbreak. The Dark Mode As noted by iMore, the new “recovery” from the community of Jailbreak is the dark mode,...


Apple closed the signatures of iOS 12.2

A few days since the release of iOS 12.3, Apple finally closed the signatures to iOS 12.2, making it impossible to downgrade to this version of the operating system. Before today, who had installed iOS 12.3 could downgrade to iOS 12.2, but now this is no longer possible. The decision to stop the signatures...

Performed the Jailbreak on the iPhone XS!

A few days since the release, it was already made a first Jailbreak su iPhone XS with iOS 12 from the team Pangu, The news was spread from Min (Spark) Zheng, an engineer yet who works for Alibaba. The screnshot attached to the message shows you the root access on an iPhone XS. Since there are particular...