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The ratings in the morning in phase 2: less Italian in front of the tv, between the Italian Stories and Morning 5 head-to-head

How to change the ratings for the Italy in phase 2? The audience is reduced, it had already seen from Monday 4 may 2020, with the number of spectators dropped a lot compared to what was happening in the first few weeks of lockdown. Suffice it to say that before Easter, in the morning in front of the...

Concern for Ornella Vanoni, to Stories of Leopoldo Mastelloni would like to sincerely

And’ worried about Leopoldo Mastelloni for people who suffer from the sun in the house in this quarantine, and among them is Ornella Vanoni and Ivana Spagna. Eleonora Daniele does not hide his concern, and it is for this that the Italian Stories continue to talk about the anxiety, panic attacks, fears,...


Akash kumar has lost 7 kilos, in the Italian Stories, he recounts his quarantine: “I Have been very bad”

The quarantine is not easy for anyone, Akash Kumar told the last two months locked up at home, aware that many people have suffered and continue to suffer more of him. The beautiful model with blue eyes has learned a lot in suffering and in solitude, takes care of others, especially the elderly, but...