It is not the Arena

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Fabio Fazio will be cut off from the Rai, returns to Massimo Giletti: here's the indiscretion

In the next few weeks there could be a reversal in the Rai: here are the details a Few hours ago the newspaper "La stampa" published an indiscretion that is incredible. Apparently the current majority government yellow-green would be working with a real turnaround for the Rai to resolve the case, Fabio...


Fabrizio Corona assaulted by some drug dealers, he ends up in the ambulance: here's what happened during the night

The former king of the paparazzi being transported into the ambulance: this is the reason that Fabrizio Corona is in trouble again, but this time he is the victim. A few hours ago on his profile on Instagram has posted some Stories that did concern to his many followers. “Tonight I went to the Forest...

Asia Argento prohibited to minors: “Jimmy without a condom, I took her and...”

Asia Argento defends himself from the accusations of pedophilia “is Not the Arena” During the episode of “this is Not the Arena” presented by Massimo Giletti, the former judge of X - Factor Asia Argento defends himself from the accusations of Jimmy Bennett in his own way.Begins to tell in detail how,...