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Gerry Scotti: the indiscretion bomb, The Island of the Famous in free Fall

Gerry Scotti is preparing a surprise for all the fans of the famous Island. According to leaks and rumors, the famous presenter is reportedly preparing a bet for charity free-Fall with all the contestants of the latest edition of the reality show. Should be broadcast on Channel 5 on The 29th of April...


The photo posted attracts the ire of the web, Mara Venier blurts out: “But vaffan**lo...”

Mara Venier can take no more of the criticism, and this time, in her way, enough said. For a photo published on the social, Mara was submerged by the criticism, but this time the “aunt” he replied in kind to the haters Mara Venier cannot stay in silence. Who, the critics and the [...]The article The...

Eva Henger against Marcuzzi: “I Am experiencing bullying professional and I come away from the other castaways”

Eva Henger is more and more furious, especially with Alessia Marcuzzi and the two opinion-makers of the Famous Island. The former porn star accuses everyone of having turned into a monster, so much so suffering today-bullying professional. Eva Henger is still shut down and gave an interview to the weekly...