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Apple Vs Google: the battle will be on the software – iPhoneItalia Podcast S08E10

Apple Vs Google: the battle of the future will be focused on the software? Can we expect other substantial improvements on the hardware? In this new episode of the podcast, we will speak about artificial intelligence, of Night Sight of Google, Apple Watch, home automation and much more! In the Podcast...


“iPhone XR is castrated.” – iPhoneItalia Podcast S08E07

iPhone XR is castrated, judgment, unforgiving, and merciless echoes in the network. Another judgment, the merciless and also heartless the antitrust towards Apple with a judgment that, in many places, has left us literally dumfounded. Bet loads of questions and controversies... in anticipation of the...

It is worth svenarsi for the technology in 2018? – iPhoneItalia Podcast S08E05

The Apple event of September is the past, also came to Google with Pixels 3 and other new features, iPhone Xr comes as, perhaps, another event dedicated to the iPad Pro in October. So much technology, new or presumed, at a great price. But it is worth svenarsi for the technology in 2018? In the Podcast...