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IOS 13 Beta 5: ALL the new features introduced on the iPhone!

Apple today released the new iOS 13 Beta 5 to developers. To follow we are going to illustrate all the main innovations introduced with this update. Here are all the new features of iOS 13 Beta 5: Arrives, on iPadOS, the ability to choose to set the grid of app-style compact (iOS 13, 6×5 app) or wider...


How to connect the controller to the PS4 and Xbox One S to iPhone and iPad

Among the most interesting innovations of iOS 13 and iPadOS there is the possibility to connect the controller to the Ps4 and Xbox One S directly to iPhone and iPad via wireless. Here's how. How to connect DualShock 4 to iPhone and iPad To connect the controller of the Playstation 4 for iPhone and iPad:...

How to connect external memory to the iPhone and iPad with iOS 13, and iPadOS

With iPadOS and iOS 13 Apple has finally added support for memory external storage via USB connection or Lightning. The limitations on the iPhone Even though, during the keynote of WWDC 2019 Apple has spoken only of iPadOS, the support for the external memories is also active on the iOS, 13, and iPhone,...