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And if instead of the first iPhone I bought Apple shares, how much would you be rich?

Who has had the good fortune to buy the first iPhone, the first iPod or even the first iMac certainly will not regret that choice, indeed probably still retains that product as a small relic. And if instead of making that purchase, that person had invested the same amount in Apple stock? It would be...

Invested in Luino by a car a 85-year-old, wounded in the head ends up in the Emergency room

Another incident happened today, Monday, August 20, in the centre of Luino, around 17, in viale Dante, the road that crosses the country in a lake. A man, driving his car, has invested an elder of 85 years on the pedestrian crossing in front of the Church of the Carmine in Luino. The man, who beat the...

More than 1.5 million euros to bring back to life the Lido di Luino and the external areas

Yesterday, in the session of the municipal commission in view of the Assembly the town of Luino tomorrow evening, they presented the changes to the plan of public works. If the work in progress at Palazzo Verbania are in their final phase, while you are making the redevelopment of the external areas...