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Reported thefts between Cadegliano, and Bridge, several homes hit by thieves

Still theft, or attempts went empty, on the whole territory of the Alto Varesotto. If in the past few weeks were the affected houses and shops between the town of Germignaga and Brezzo di Bedero, this time to denounce some of the robberies took place in different houses, were the citizens of Cadegliano...

Luino, the minority on the theft in the Town: “the Facts are serious, but close to all the employees”

“We have been aware of this regrettable fact, by the same administration a few days ago – explained the municipal councillors of the minority luinesi, Peter Agostinelli, Franco Compagnoni, Enrica Nogara and John Petrotta -. Once you have come to the knowledge of the news, we have maintained the confidentiality...

Money laundering, document forgery, and aiding and abetting and coercion, and suspected two lawyers

Today is the opening of a criminal proceedings against a 47-year-old and a 55-year-old swiss citizens, both lawyers, resident in Lugano. To inform the public prosecutor's office and the cantonal Police. The findings are part of a wider investigation that last August 22, had led to the arrest of a 52-year-old...