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Mcdonald's invents the Frork, a fork made of French fries

Here's the Frork, a fork of the potato chips invented by Mcdonald's to collect the extra sauce fall from the sandwiches With a commercial, the absurd as much as his new invention, the Mcdonald's has presented to the world his latest invention: the “Frork“.The word Frork was born from the mix of the...


Biodegradable bottles made from algae as an alternative to plastic

Do you know how long does it take for a plastic bottle will decompose? Up to 1000 years. You know, according to Global Industry Analysts, how many The article biodegradable Bottles made out of algae as an alternative to plastic seems to be the first on KEBLOG.

The 5 inventions that have marked the 2015

Every year, hundreds of new patents and inventions promise to change the world to make it more efficient, cleaner, or just more technological. Many of these experiments end up in nothing, some become an object, in just a few become a need of the actual for people. As reported the u.s. weekly Time, let's...