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15 books for an ecology integral

Environmental issues finally arrive under the eyes of all, as the issues to be addressed with no more thought of an agenda for “tomorrow”. At the same time, as you can imagine – books on the theme were born numerous sons of a position that I hope is not only fashionable. As usual, however, I offer a...


The exploit “Cherckm8” on the iPhone is a danger to users?

How many risks there are for us users after the discovery of the new exploit that allows you to unlock different models of the iPhone?Link to the original article: The exploit “Cherckm8” on the iPhone is a danger to users?

Mobile telephony, prices will return to rise

According to a recent study conducted by SosTariffe.en, the effect Iliad is now finished and offers rechargeable, they are starting to climb with an average of 35,10%. Here are all the details. Traditional operators, therefore, Tim, Vodafone, Tre and Wind are the ones that are increasing the costs of...

Safari on iOS 13, all the news

With iOS 13, and iPadOS 13, Safari improves so many aspects and approaches more and more to a full version and is almost “desktop” for people who spend time surfing the web. Discover all the news. Start Page and a new toolbar After you have updated the iPhone to iOS 13 (here the guide on how to install...

Apple is increasingly “in-house”: what will change after the purchase of the division, modem, mobile Intel?

The news of the week was the acquisition by Apple of the department, modem, mobile Intel $ 1 billion. This step was in the air for several months, but we now know with certainty that Apple wants to produce in-house chip modem for the future iPhone. What will change in the immediate? The acquisition will...