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Fish silver: how to eliminate these small insects effectively

When you say Lepisma saccharin, think of those little fish silver, which feed on paper, books, photographs, silk, linen and cotton. These insettini obviously not appreciated in the house. In these days you have noticed the presence? You need not despair as there are solutions that can eliminate it in...

Bed bugs are asian, what are they and how to stop a home invasion

Are back bed bugs are asian, or chinese, with the arrival of autumn. This is an insect that is considered to be a phytosanitary risk. But there is no reason for fear, as it can precisely prevent the invasion of these animals through effective remedy. Our homes are invaded by bed bugs during this time...

After 20 years, an unprecedented behind-the-scenes of Starship Troopers arrives online!

Let's take a look at an impressive bug of Starship Troopers, in an unprecedented behind-the-scenes of the film which this year celebrates 20 years 20 years have passed since the Starship Troopers, the sci-fi film of the 1997 Paul Verhoeven, has landed in cinemas all over the world. Every time I talk...