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Sorry Chris Pratt, Harrison Ford and there is no space for you in Indiana Jones 5

We have long known that Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg will come back together to realize yet, at least, a new Indiana Jones. Fans of the franchise, however, are worried that Ford is now too old to play the famous role (in fact, he has 76 years, let's just say that is not athletic as it once was),...


Harry Potter, Star Wars, Back to the Future (and many others), together for an auction millionaire!

Will start on the 20th of September, in Waterloo, the fifth annual edition of the Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction, the auction of the relics of the film's largest and most famous in the world that, this year, will include “over 600 rare and iconic” lots linked to the world of cinema. From the...

Indiana Jones: in the future of the franchise there could be a woman as the protagonist

Interviewed on the occasion of the promotion of Ready Player One, Steven Spielberg has had a way to speak of the future of a franchise tied to his name: Indiana Jones.Speaking with The Sun, the director has revealed that, in the future, the famous character may have to “change the name from Jones to...