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Ikea at Christmas: what to buy for christmas

Ikea at Christmas 2019: what to buy for the holidays? From Ikea you can find a lot of things to make the gift packaging is very beautiful. Among the photos in the gallery we show you bags and gift cards. In fact, at Christmas time, also the eye wants its part. Put under the tree, packages well wrapped,...

Ikea, back in the ’60s: the new limited edition collection (PHOTOS)

From Ikea back to the 60s style, but in limited edition. The vintage collection is colorful and is going to get into the store and sees the protagonists rugs, lamps, curtains and bed linen. Patterns and prints seem to bring you back in time of several years. As we anticipated, however, it is a limited...

The meatballs in Ikea are of Turkish origin

Often the word Ikea is not associated with a Billy, or some object or mobile from the name not to be spoken but to the mythical legendary meatballs served with cranberry sauce.In these days it became what some call the polpettagate, at the centre of the discussion, of course, the meatballs, Sweden, via...