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Cecilia Rodriguez, and Ignazio Moser guests in the Morning 5: from Big Brother Vip to everyday life

Guests of the bet of the Morning, Five in wave 11 December 2017, Ignazio Moser, and Cecilia Rodriguez are called upon to comment on in the living room of Federica Panicucci, everything that happened in the house of Big Brother Vip and not only. Now two weeks have passed life together and the two seem...


Ilary Blasi now you can tell her about Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser (Photo)

Host of Gf Vip 2017 Ilary Blasi has had to maintain an attitude consistent with his duties of mistress of the house, but in reality concluded now can have their say on the contestants (photos). We're all a little annoyed for how to Ilary Blasi and the Big Brother Vip applauded the love story of Ignazio...

Cecilia and Ignazio Moser: "True", speak of Francis Mount, no disrespect, but happy birthday (Photo)

Cecilia Rodriguez, and Ignazio Moser (photo), there are those who adores them, and follows with pleasure their love, and who does not appreciate the way in which they have missed compared to the Francesco Monte and his family. To True the host-guest pair last Saturday he wanted to confirm that theirs...