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Murder Vannini, reservoir dogs new documents. Two prostitutes would have denounced Ciontoli for robbery

It is not the first time that you hear of a possible dossier in which they would be collected the complaints made by a prostitute to the detriment of Antonio Ciontoli. Months, in fact, the question came on the television, in the programs that followed the case involving the murder of Marco Vannini. For...

David Vannicola at the Fourth Grade: “I'm Not a braggart”. Also talks about his wife

In the long episode of the Fourth Degree on the air July 10, 2019 there was also space for the latest news on the case, Marco Vannini. Talking with the journalists of the Network program, 4 were David Vannicola and his wife. The craftsman, after 4 years of silence, decided to tell an uncomfortable truth...


Case Vannini: Izzo denies his relationship with the pm that was investigating the murder of the guy

On the number of Yellow at the newsstand this week, the journalist owned by the Flower it is back to occupy the case, Marco Vannini, with the news that come directly from the words of the “super witness” David Vannicola. The man, listened to by anyone who investigates the case, he would have confirmed...