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How to store and secure backups of iPhone and iPad

Photos, messages, medical data, documents, configurations, accessories, settings, and more are stored inside of the backup that iOS automatically. If you want to install a beta version of the mobile operating system of Apple, it is appropriate to protect these archives using a handy feature in iTunes...

Apple publicly acknowledges the contributors to iCloud

Apple publicly acknowledges the contributors to iCloudApple has published an extensive list of third-party software that have been used for the creation and the management of its iCloud service, including the contributions of Google and Facebook.Apple has publicly acknowledged the many software developers...

Apple launches new app iCloud for Windows

Apple launches new app iCloud for WindowsApple has launched a new app, iCloud for Windows is designed for PCS, according to a blog post shared by Microsoft. The new app is designed to allow Apple users to access their content iCloud on your Windows PC 10.The app iCloud for Windows includes iCloud Drive,...