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A fall from a plane and 13 months to the weather and not kill the iPhone 6s!

If your iPhone were to plummet from a plane and had to spend 13 months in extreme weather conditions, will it remain intact? The answer is yes, the bizarre incident involving the photographer Haukur Snorrason and his iPhone 6s. In August 2018, the photographer Haukur Snorrason was in Iceland to photograph...

Zero Dark Project, the new video spot of the PowerBeats Pro

Apple has released a new spot dedicated to the PowerBeats Pro, earphones true wireless that offer the same technologies as the AirPods 2, but with an eye for the sport. In the video, a group of runners attempt to follow the sun in Iceland, from sunrise to sunset, on a journey of 280 miles. Apple uses...


Euro 2016, with the small Iceland crashes against France: the masters of the house fly in the semi-finals

EURO 2016 RESULTS-QUARTER-FINAL-The dream of the small Iceland collides against the ambitions of France that do not grant anything to the contrary. The hosts make you understand from the outset what will be the pace of the race: don't grant anything, and not missing a shot. And in the end the difference...