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Scandal from Chiambretti, Vladimir Luxuria humiliated: ‘you're silent, you're not a woman...’

The former parliamentary offended by the writer, Alessandra Cantini A couple of days ago Alessandra Cantini is back to discuss on CR4, The republic of women, the programme of Piero Chiambretti, aired every Wednesday evening on the Network 4. The provocative writer leghorn, after having shown his side...


Not know how many horns he has...’: Cristina Parodi humiliated in front of everyone

Cristina Parodi has received an attack really heavy. The presenter was humiliated with a joke that hit on the staff The beautiful anchorwoman Cristina Parodi is not going through a period of heavy rain. After criticism expressed against Matteo Salvini, several insults were intended.In the course of...

Fiorella Mannoia attacks Matteo Salvini on immigrants and being humiliated by the people of the web

Matteo Salvini has become an easy target for everyone. A few hours ago the singer Fiorella Mannoia has attacked heavily the new Minister of the Interior. The roman artist has done it through a post published on his Twitter profile. “You collect the first fruits. Sleep easy”, he wrote the sessantaquattrenne...