Hot-air balloons in the cemetery

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Leak Private Server Clash of Clans: BH8, Mega Tesla, Cannon, Giant, War Machine, level 30, Super PEKKA and Balloons in the Cemetery

The update with the Base of the manufacturer, as it has not enthused many players, has brought inside of the game, new scenarios and new mechanisms that will Clash of Clans have a new life to the long-term. At the moment we can unlock only a few levels of the reading Room of the Manufacturer and, consequently,...

How does a hot air Balloon the Cemetery and Cannon Giant on Clash of Clans

Supercell has released in the new update many new structures and troops which were still blocked and can not be used inside the Basic mode of the Manufacturer, in this new video, we discover how they attack the Balloon with the Cemetery and Cannon Giant on Clash of Clans.


Skill list the Troops in the Base of the Manufacturer: Features and Statistics

In the Base of the Builder, the master builder, has the knowledge appropriate to enhance greatly the troops as we were accustomed to know: thanks to the Laboratory of Stellar, we have the possibility of evolving the troops to an advanced stage by activating hidden abilities that make them incredibly...