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The bath-tub shines again, without spending too much

The time has come to renew your bathtub? Without spending too much, and then especially with so much diy, you can renovate and make like new your bath. Simple tips to not make mistakes and have a health completely new. The bathtub with the time can lose their shine and cleaning, it may turn yellow and,...


Pregnancy, how to combat the heat with some simple tricks

How to beat the heat during pregnancy? Let's see some simple tricks to cope with these months, the sweltering of the summer. Pregnant women, in fact, suffer from the heat more than the other. The baby bump may start to weigh, the legs swell, and you sweat. For the well-being of mother and child is, however,...

Bella Thorne is hot on Instagram

Photo: @ Instagram/ Bella ThorneWill not be part of the armies of the angels of Victoria's Secret, but, in terms of sensuality, Bella Thorne has nothing to envy to the models of underwear and the most desired in the world.The actress is ready to launch the new collection of his brand, Thorne by Bella...