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Winter landscape in the jar

You want an idea cute for decorating your house for Christmas or for creating gifts with your own hands? Come visit the Creative World, 17-18-19 November at the Bologna trade Fairs.The Theatre of Food will be followed by a programming of our care, who will be busy blogger iFood, but also many outside...


Special coffee

It is a small evergreen tree, from whose seeds are roasted and ground to get the eponymous drink, very popular. The most common variety known as the Coffea Arabica. It seems that coffee is originally from Ethiopia, or of another region of East Africa, where the plant grows wild at an altitude of 1000...

Special Butter

“There is nothing more than good butter? Think about that for a moment, if you try something incredibly good and heavenly, and you wonder what ever there is in there, the answer will always be the Butter.“ from Julia Child.Butter is one of the dietary fats, the most used in the kitchen and is made from...