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Tado°, the accessory to make the smart air conditioner | REVIEW

Tado° is a brand specialized in climate control for the intelligent home. After the thermostats, smart valves and thermostatically controlled valves, intelligent, here is the accessory to make smart with the air conditioning and use it with iOS, Android and the various virtual assistants. Tado° launched...


Black Friday will not save the hi-tech crisis – iPhoneItalia Podcast S08E11

Home automation is among the protagonists of this Black Friday: we are in love but there are concerns. Meanwhile, Apple landed on Amazon, while the whole of the front of the hi-tech to live a very flourishing period. In the Podcast today Comes the Black Friday and, with it, news and discounts, which...

Bell wi-fi: best buy

You do not want to buy an expensive system for the door or your house has multiple floors and you want to “communicate” at a distance? There is a cost-effective solution and very easy to use and install: the bell WiFi! There are every shape and color, and in this article we will guide you in the purchase...