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Hockey, Mastiffs Varese ready for the first leg of the quarter-final of the Coppa Italia

Mastiffs are preparing for the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italia, defying the Brixen tomorrow, Saturday, December 29 at 18.30 at the Palalbani, in the first leg which will be broadcast commentary live from Radio Village Network. The formula provides a regulation similar to that of the european football...


Hockey, Mastiffs Varese in Appiano, hope and fight

With the game of Appiano, the coach Massimo Da Rin will complete a round on the bench giallonera of the Mastiffs. His debut coincided with the extraordinary victory of-way that will no doubt remain in the history of the season, but now will try the replication. The success would be vital to allow the...

Hockey, Mastiffs Varese drop to Merano

The commitment was on the card prohibitive and needed that heart, from Mastiff to try to overcome the hurdle of second in the standings, but had much the better of the team varesina, climb to Merano with heavy absences. Menguzzato remained in Varese due to sudden health problems that are manifested in...