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The italians don't like condoms

It is difficult to say which is the real problem of the italians with the condom. Very probably the cost, but also perhaps the unfamiliarity, the lack of knowledge of the risks of unprotected intercourse or the dangerous desire not to break the magic of certain moments. The fact is that in our Country...

Get the super condom that stops Hiv even if it breaks

There are already those who call it a Super Condom. A little bit because it would be capable of blocking the Hiv virus in the event of breakage, a little bit because it promises to increase your sexual pleasure like never a condom had done before. Comes directly from the laboratories of the Texas A&M...

Apple supports world AIDS day

With the PRODUCT(RED), and some of the initiatives on the App Store, Apple supports once again the world day against AIDS. By clicking here you'll have access to all the products whose proceeds will go in part to the research against HIV. When purchasing a product (PRODUCT)RED, by your contribution...