Health conditions

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The announcement that we didn't want to hear: Nadia Toffa says enough

Nadia Toffa is not good. And the news 7 days ago the host of Le Iene, shall forfeit to the appointment of 12 may and saw her engaged in the program Friends, conducted by Maria De Filippi. This further stop is probably due to the care to which you are subjecting to defeat the serious illness that [...]The...


Fabrizio Frizzi and his health: “I'm worried, but I fight like a lion to win the battle”

Fabrizio Frizzi, is back to work after the illness that he caught during the recording of “The Legacy”, but it is under control and he the same he was concerned about the future. Fabrizio Frizzi, a well-known and brilliant conductor Rai, in the month of December had been taken ill during the recording...

Craig Warwick has serious health problems and is still very bad: his message on Instagram cares about the fans

Feed Released from KontroKulturaCraig Warwick still has serious health problems, and after 48 hours of silence has finally posted a message for all the fans, telling the story of what is happening. Craig Warwick, the sensitive fresh from the Island of the Famous, has health problems that are bothering...