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Diet: the secret to ageing well in the brain

There is a specific diet so that the brain can grow old in good health. And’ what emerges from a research conducted by the University of Sydney, australia. The diet for the longevity of the brain The study has shown that diets low protein content, a high intake of carbohydrates have [...]The article...

Child cancer patient, the teacher the island by his companions: “you are contagious”

Cancer patient, the teacher isolates it from the rest of the class because it is contagious. A true and own episode of discrimination suffered by the young, already proven by the burden of the disease. This sad and incredible story happened in a primary school of China. The news was reported by the Sun....


Diet gluten: here's when it gets good

A poor diet is gluten free as long as it is full of fiber could help with our gut. And’ what emerges from a study conducted by the University of Copenhagen. The researchers in particular have studied how a diet gluten-free can have an effect on the microbiome of the intestine. Poor diet of gluten and...