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Salad in a bag: risk of contamination by antibiotic-resistant bacteria

The salad is one of the contours that are most frequently used in the kitchen. Often at the grocery store you buy it already cut and packaged in the envelope. This convenience, however, may hide a hazard to health. And is a well-known fact that these fresh products can be contaminated by antibiotic-resistant...


Extra virgin olive oil, a real medication, which is why

The extra virgin olive oil is not only a food tasty with which to flavour our meals. It is a nutrient that has many beneficial properties for our health. It is not a case that the institution's regulator of drugs and food products in America, the Food and Drug Administration, considers him a super [...]The...

Elderly, becomes, after the 75: here's why

Nowadays, thanks to medical advances, it is possible to get to the one that we usually define the third age in good health. This is a very important milestone that enables older people to live without debilitating disease, and then with a good quality of life. The elderly of today in much better shape...