Harry and meghan

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Meghan truman gates with the baby bump, the dress more and more closely shows everything (Photos)

Officially, Meghan truman gates should give birth to her first royal baby between the end of march and early April, however many of them are convinced that the wife of prince Harry of England, will give birth to well before (the photo). He also says the one who observes it from weeks the belly of Meghan...


The scandal Meghan truman gates, the father reveals details of her first marriage (Photos)

It will not be a year-end simple for Meghan truman gates, because his father, Thomas, has decided to spoil this party (photos). Thomas truman gates pulls out another on his daughter, and the scandal of those who make you tremble the british royal family (photos). No one can answer and defend the wife...

For the son of Harry and Meghan truman gates, the godfather and godmother special (Photos)

The belly of Meghan truman gates has just appeared, under the beautiful dresses of the wife of Harry of England but we are already talking about the godfather and godmother of their first royal baby (photos). We still do not know the sex of the first child of Harry and Meghan truman gates, but it seems...