Harry and meghan

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Meghan and Harry vs Kate and William: the two couples are ignorant of the Remembrance day, is it really war?

When we talk about the royal family, you know, if I heard cooked and raw, also due to the fury that many of the british media against the Royal Family. Understand then what the balance in the family is not simple, and it is for this reason that one often speaks of the discontent. Yesterday, for example,...


Prince William is worried about the fragile mental state of the brother, Harry (Photo)

Harry, who has told her “good days and bad days” with his brother William, Meghan truman gates, who with tears in her eyes told the story of his pain because in a few ask as it is; the royal family could not have reactions, but the protocol imposes silence (photos). In spite of the documentary starring...

Harry ready to do anything to defend Meghan truman gates: take the second complaint, does not suffer like her mother (Photo)

Prince Harry is furious and not only for the love of Meghan truman gates, but also for how he lived Lady Diana (photos). Harry has sued two british tabloids over the five days, it is the Sun and the Daily Mirror. The charge is piracy phone and the intentions of the duke of Sussex, are clear: do not want...