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How to prevent chilblains on the hands: the tricks

Who suffers from the cold to spend usually the winter annoying, in particular, for the chilblains on the hands. To have this kind of problems, knows that, with the most frigid temperatures, must face difficult moments. It is not always sufficient to use gloves, and heavy clothes. Do not be afraid, because...


Tremor of the hands, the causes can be many and we can delete them

You ever take something in your hand and see your hands tremble? The trembling hands are a symptom very common, but the causes may be very different between them. The tremor of the hands as well as the call to the experts is a disease which is prevalent in the character of the nervous system. The hands...

How to delete ink stains from the hands

Here's how to delete ink stains from the hands. This is a problem which is quite frequent if you have kids that love to play with coloured pens. But even us adults can happen to find yourself dealing with this type of situations. Often on our fingertips, after having written, we find ourselves in the...