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Controls Halloween, Laveno reported 47-year-old for drug trafficking

I Carabinieri della Stazione di Cuvio, and the Operating Nucleus of Luino, in the course of the evening of Halloween, they performed several checks that are outstanding on the territory of the Valcuvia. Objectives: public spaces and gathering places. Together with the staff and the dogs core dog lovers...


The 7 board games for a Halloween thrill

7 you know, it's a magic number. And in these days of wizards, witches, and beasts of all kinds are preparing to be able to finally show on Halloween night, maybe in a few themed party where unsuspecting humans, dressed for the occasion, do not suspect of their dark nature. Finally the zombies will have...

Kendall Jenner is the Fembot Austin Power Halloween

Photo: @ Instagram/ Kendall JennerOur fun search for Halloween costume most bizarre among those shown off by our friends vip continues frantic, and we just had to show you what has won our very own award “Glam 2018“.To show it off, we thought Kendall Jenner has decided to assume the role of the blonde...