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Apple Pay arrives on Intesa Sanpaolo: here's how to configure the service

From today, the Intesa Sanpaolo customers can configure their credit cards, prepaid and debit on Apple Pay, thanks to the agreement reached between the bank and Apple. Apple Pay on Intesa Sanpaolo can be configured on all the credit cards, debit cards, XME and prepaid cards issued by the bank. Once you...


How to connect USB to iPad: here are our tricks

Don't know how to connect a USB stick to the iPad? Quiet, is a fairly common problem since the iPad does not have USB ports that are, for example, in the computer. Today we explain some tricks read more...

How to connect controller to XBox One to PC

If you do not know how to connect the Xbox controller One to the PC this is the guide for you! Today, in fact, we teach you how to play your new video game for the PC by connecting the controller to the Xbox One read more...