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How to play Tressette

Tressette is a card game very popular similar to scopa and briscola that has the roman origins, the rules of which can undergo some variations according to the region in which you want to play, using the classic deck of the Italian.You can play tressette, using pure cards by napoleon, it would be enough...


Comics to give away at Christmas, here are our tips

Arrives on time as every year the Christmas, occasion a succession of dinners and corporate fantozziani and exhausting races to the last, cursed gift to put under the tree. But since they are intoxicated with the spirit of the season, I want to take away from the predicament! Compassion, after that we...

Who are the characters in Dragon Ball stronger?

There is little to do, if you have between 20 and 40,000 years and are a Otaku unrepentant, the “battle shonen” that has marked your life is one and only one: Dragon Ball. And if you've ever wondered “who are the characters in Dragon Ball stronger, born from the imagination of the sensei [...]The article...