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Luino, maintenance of green areas and road safety: “Many of the critical issues in the centre and the periphery”

From the streets of the city centre to those that lead to the peripheral areas of the city, returning to the first floor, all the signals relating to the lack of maintenance of the green, which is perceived as a symptom of urban decay but also as a factor of danger, in some cases, for circulation on...

Luino, in Houses: “For the cleaning and maintenance of the roads follow the program. More resources for the hamlets”

“Regarding the article that appeared in the day newspaper online LuinoNotizie, I want first to make clear that my position has been redefined in the month of may and also applies to those parks that are not a reason for discussion.” So begins the long speech of the deputy mayor of Luino, Alessandro Casali,...


Luino, the minority criticism and attacks on the municipality on public green areas and road maintenance

Inspired by public meetings, lectures, and from the analysis dedicated to environmental education and to the landscape, inserted in the first edition of the Earth Prize, an event held in London between the 24th and the 25th of June, the minority board member, John Petrotta has taken the occasion of the...