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Coronavirus: Prince Philip is dead?

In the last hours are impazzate the rumors about the possible death of Prince Philip: according to the BBC at the court is considering the possibility of conveying a message to the extraordinary Queen Elizabeth II to the nation. This event occurred only once during the regency of the monarch, that is,...

Coronavirus: and if Michael Jackson had planned?

As reported by the Daily Mirror, the king of pop, who died suddenly in 2009 at just 50 years old, according to his former bodyguard Matt Fiddes would have expected a pandemic is very similar to that of the Coronavirus, for this reason, it usually, to her, to say, to wear protective masks, even though...

Fiorello: “Coronavirus? I do more things now that normally”

Fiorello and the home life at the time of the Coronavirus. Guest telephone One Day by Sheep, on Rai Radio1, the popular showman has told Giorgio Lauro and Geppi Cucciari as it is passing through this period of isolation in the home, telling the story of the life of every day, with his wife Susanna from...