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The terrible joke of the Hyenas Michelle Hunziker: Aurora betrayed by Geoffrey and Sara (Video)

You how would you react instead of Michelle Hunziker at the joke which was organized by the Hyenas? The video with Aurora Ramazzotti, Sara, Daniel and Geoffrey Cerza is everyone knows how to follow, until the end. The Hunziker is already meditating vengeance, this is not ready to forgive anyone and,...


Aurora Ramazzotti and Goffredo Cerza, the mysterious, the post published by the daughter of Eros and Michelle (Photo)

The romantic love story, solid and beautiful between Aurora Ramazzotti and Goffredo Cerza speak about all, the couple has received from the blessing of their parents (photos). But in particular, it is Michelle Hunziker, who can't wait to become a grandmother, to see they are married, two boys, happy...

Aurora Ramazzotti dinner with the in-laws, it speaks of the preparations for the wedding with Geoffrey (Photos)

The dream of Michelle Hunziker to see her daughter Aurora Ramazzotti always beside Goffredo Cerza, and maybe even a mother may be realized in a short time, the magazine Diva e Donna speaks of the preparations for the wedding (photos). If the Winner has given his approval to his daughter on the bond with...