God help us 5

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God help us 5 the final: Gabriel's bride Valentina, Nico and Gin together

Big final for God's help 5, to the delight of the audience, in fact, everything had a happy ending. You want to know what happened in the last episode of That God help us 5 broadcast on the 21st of march 2019 on Rai 1? I will tell you with a summary detail of what happened in the final two episodes,...


God help us 5 Sister Angela will leave the role as a nun? Advances to the final last episode

What will happen in the tenth and last episode of That God help us 5? The grand finale aired on march 21, 2019, will have a resounding shot of the scene that relates to Sister Angela? Before this fifth season of the series went on the air, it was many spoke of the mystical Sister Angela. Too many times,...

Listen to the early evening of 31 January 2019: still flop the Island of the famous 2019?

Great expectation this morning, for those who love to data auditel, to find out the ratings of the first evening of the 31st January 2019. A week away, we expect to understand what will be the fate of this 14th edition of the famous Island. After the data of the listening to the past week, with one of...