Goblin spearmen

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The new Balance Cards 12/6: Witch of the Night, the Tornado, the Trunk, the Gang of Goblins is among the most renowned

As usual, Supercell will balance the cards that have taken on a power that is too high or upgrade the ones less used. Among the papers cited in this balance there are certainly famous and that they did discuss, and not a little.

Deck, Giant, Witch, Valkyrie, Musketeer, for Arena 1, Arena 2

In this deck, the Giant acts as a very important card ace: it will be the tank and the engine of your deck, it will be the key that will allow you to win quickly to the challenge. Positioning it as ‘the wall’, and employing behind him some of the cards that we are going to illustrate, you ensure that...


Exclusive Leak Update Clash Royale March: 4 New Cards, New Trunks, Balancing, New Challenges, and release Date

News shocking, Clasher: on Reddit was leakato the entire update March Clash Royale. Shows the 4 new cards like the Berries of the forest or the Goblin Ninja, 2 new trunks, new systems of ranking to the arena, new balance, new offers available, and much, much more!