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Winter has arrived but with the glasses shot of Game of Thrones will not be so cold

The winter will also come, but the waiting of the spring and the last season of " The Throne of Swords, we can warm ourselves in the cold winter evenings, drinking something refreshing in the glasses shot of Game of Thrones. With these glasses, from shot of the Game of Thrones winter, with its cold nights...


Starbucks in London imposes a tax on paper cups

In London, Starbucks has decided to introduce, on experimental basis, a fee of five pence (less than ten euro cents) to all those who take away tea or coffee in paper cups disposable, more or less most of the customers.The famous chain has pointed out that this is not a fee to boost its revenue, but...

JLo is a nerd on his private jet

Photo: @ Instagram/ Jennifer LopezIf your name is Jennifer Lopez you know you can be sexy in any circumstance.At the weekend, the singer latina is taking a selfie while he was trying to deceive the waiting to board his private jet and it is shown to the fans with a pair of glasses to view the giants.Lipstick...