Giusy pepi

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Anyone who has seen the cases of 21 November 2018: Giusy Peppers myself, because he ran away?

Giusy Pepi is alive and well: these are the first news after the discovery of the woman's disappearance from October 15, 2018 Victory. Giusy Pepi has left his home, his 5 children and her husband, David, without giving her the news. The police were trying to Palermo and it is precisely there that the...

Giusy Pepi death, he speaks of the friend Who has seen it: “Her husband mistreated and left her and the children without food”

It really is a departure volunteer to Giusy Pepi, the woman disappeared from a Victory for the past 20 days? Giusy has really left her home, her husband and her children in a voluntary manner? The story of this woman is very complicated, also because, when speaking of the life that she led, the versions...