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Giulia Furnish to Sunday Live sbugiarda Deianira with his truth about Gollini

Great page dedicated to Big Brother Vip in the episode of December 2, 2018 Sunday Live. And of course, in this appointment, after the exit from the house, was a guest of Barbara D'urso also to Giulia for giving. The beautiful Donatella could not talk about the whole story of the alleged betrayal of her...


Pierluigi Gollini and mother Veronica reassure Giulia See: no treason

Day impegnatavi for the pilots that fly the planes over the skies of Cinecittà. Giulia See it was expecting a message from his Pierluigi Gollini and finally arrived, but not only. The beautiful Donatella was also reassured by his mother, who finally decided to make themselves heard, to reassure his daughter....

It is still war in the house of Big Brother Vip between Cecchi Paone and The Donatella (VIDEO)

What seemed to be a issue characterized by the peace and serenity in the house of Big Brother Vip in the last few hours has turned into a real “war” and battle to the sound of insults. The protagonists of this animated battle are Donatella and Alessandro Cecchi Paone who, after the live Thursday night,...