Giulia de lellis

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Caterina Balivo defends Belen Rodriguez in “the war” with Giulia de Lellis and reveals some background

In the episode of Come to me in wave on November 14, 2019, with the angle of the gossip, if we can say so, with so many of the hot topics of the last period. And speaking of gossip can not do without not to comment on what happened between Belen Rodriguez and Giulia de Lellis. Starting from a clarification:...


Andrea Damante with a brunette super sexy: who is his new flame?

Andrea Damante is again at the centre of the attention of the news pink. After the end of the relationship with Giulia De Lellis, with the publication of the book on his horns, record sales, by the influencer, the gossip about possible flirting, and new, flames of Andrea Damante never stopped, indeed....

The choices of the look of the influencers for the Milan Fashion Week (Photos)

Time of Fashion Week in Milan! This is one of the most loved of the year by all fans of fashion. Celebrities, models and influencers have their look more beautiful and win over the public. And just about influencers we want to show, arrived at the third day of Milan Fashion Week, the look the most beautiful...